• Wyatt Beveridge

1.1 Contract Problems - Finance

Updated: May 11

Buying a new home, or your first home, can be very stressful. Along with Having a child and death, it can be one of the most stressful situations in your life. There are do's & don'ts when it comes to getting ready to buy a property.

By making sure you have a few things ready to go, it can change the buying process from one of the most stressful experiences to one of the easiest experiences. As an agent, I especially want to make sure the process is as easy as possible for you.


The biggest problems I see with contracts usually comes down to finances. If you are lending to buy a property, make sure you are Pre-approved by a bank or broker. Sit down with them and make sure they have EVERYTHING they need to start the process once you find the right property. I have worked with Scott Cash from SMS Finance on a number contracts, and if you need a recommendation, this is it! Contact me for his details. One of the major mistakes financed buyers make is not rushing their bank/broker to start proceeding their application. Keep on top of them and make sure it is being looked at.

If you are a cash buyer, make sure your finances are in order and the bank is in a position to disburse your funds. I have witnessed first hand a couple of cash buyers who cant get their funds released because there has been problems with their bank. Contact your branch manager and make sure the cash is ready and able to be disbursed.

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